KIYI Directory of ASP-based CMS (Content Management Systems)
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F L ASPcontentManagement CMS based on IIS, ASP, and MS Access with a web-based WYSIWYG page editor. (MySQL version 1.1.)
Uses ASP News Content Management plug-in which is open-source and released under the GPL.
This is another, maybe the main, brand of AllScoop
Change&ToDo | Common issues
F MySQL ASP Web Content Management 1.1 ... Another brand of AllScoop
F L ACMS - AtomatiCMS (c) 2007 by Joseph Chang (jub-jub, Website is closed. Last activity at is dated 2007-08-25. There is a note about the access database: " belongs to an older version." But there was no new db version?!  
F L Kustom Page (c) ... "Kustom Page (as it is) is now over 2 years old and written in an (effectively) dead language, therefore I have decided not to continue developing it any further, though it will be available to download forever from here."  
Dimac Free version has only Access. Full has SQL, etc. for USD 75.
dmxready-cms-lite-2 also a full/pro version...
F L EzASPSite v2.0 RC3a / Copyright 2003-2005 VSBrown. Its forum is powered by Web Wiz Forums version 7.01 (Ez Mod)  
F L ezboxx _with_megaBBS  
F L Hazır Site ver. 2.2 (10/07/2007) / sitesinde 1. sırada  
F L Çilem Haber ver. 1.4 D2-tr (firma sitesinde 1.5 duyurusu var ama durmuş.) / sitesinde 2. sırada / Reklam kodları: alt.asp, ust.asp, solmenu.asp, haberdetay.asp'de, bu kodu sil: <%=fonksiyon()%>... / Resim boyutları: anamanset.asp den manset resımlerının boyutunu ayarlayabilirsin, sol tarafta bulunanları ise populerhaberler.asp den ayarlayabilirsin...  
F L Mydesign haber sistemi 6.0 beta / Edit inc_ayarlar.asp first... / sitesinde 5. sırada  
F AspNuke Asp-Nuke Community v1.4 SP 4 launched (28 June 2006)  
Nukedit May 27th 2008 / 4.9.8 (the older one was 4.9.7b, includes June 2006 security update) Copyright (C) 2004 Rick (Richard) Eastes. Poorly designed and documented. See my path notes for 4.9.7b at nukedit\includes\setup.asp
log in as a power user to add new pages etc... / username: / password: 1
F L ForestSite 1.2.0 All virtual file includes must be search-replaced to add the sub-directory name: "#include virtual="/Includes/..." must be changed to "#include virtual="/Folder_Name/Includes/..." Copyright 2005 Patrick Robin, Host Forest
Forest Blog 1.3.3 All virtual file includes must be search-replaced to add the sub-directory name: "#include virtual="/Includes/..." must be changed to "#include virtual="/Folder_Name/Includes/..." Copyright 2005 Patrick Robin, Host Forest
F L QuickerSite by Pieter Cooreman. template_note.txt
F L Instant CMS 1.1 with MS Access. Very limited, no editor.
Edit PortalConnectString, fileuploadpath,ImagePath at Includes/PortalConection.asp (sic) / Login as "admin" with the password of "instantcms" at logon.asp
Another brand of AllScoop
  Crownpeak Fast, economical and easy. With CrownPeak's Advantage CMS, you get back to what's important - managi ...  
  fipsCMS light Free Content Management System - simple System and easy to use. MS Access Database, WYSIWYG Editor, ...  
F L Max Web Portal (now moved to SkyPortal and has a Turkish version too.) is a web portal and online community system which includes advanced features such as web-based administration, poll, private/public events calendar, user customizable color themes, classifieds, user control panel, online pager, link, file, article, picture managers and much more. Easy-to-use and powerful user interface allows members to add news, content, write reviews and share information among other registered users.
Versions | Install notes, changes
F L PortalApp is the successor of SiteEnable which was a part of the Iatek CMS suite. Iatec replaced the SiteEnable by PortalApp .NET and moved to where they offer PortalApp Basic 4.0 (limited and only Access) for free, while trying to sell SiteEnable starting at $199. Setup notes
Setup notes:
for demo login: sa/change,
global.asa created at: D:\x_web_develop\,
db created at: d:\_data\8691.mdb
* too many css errors (PortalApp/common/default.css)
C SiteDynamic Instant Website 1.2.9 from is starting at 49 USD. Language files, skinnable, etc.  
C Asbru with integrated and optional community, databases, e-commerce and statistics modules. PHP, ASP, .Net and JSP/Java only versions are available. Starting at 100 USD. Hosted solutions start at 16 USD/month.  
C Aliquant 1195 USD... Hosted solutions start at 24.95 USD/month.  
C Numotion key features: Multiple Websites, WYSIYWG Management, Versionmanagement and Rollback, Multilingual, Modules, Templates, Workflow management, Content Scheduling, Multichannel Publishing (for web, wireless and print), XML Content Support, SEO & Marketing. Online price calculation starts at Euro 3750 or hosting solution for 20% of the total project value per year.  
C Accura CMS with WYSIWYG editor and rebrandable, starting at USD 49. (They also sell News Manager and Flash Flip Book.)  
C Hoeg2edit is a Danish CMS from and 8000 Euro!? fake?.
F L Music-Review Media Content Management 1.12 / Setup a music review site using free this ASP based CMS product. Default settings: config.asp (systemusername = "admin" / systempassword = "music") I've changed database path at dbconn1.asp
Comments (comments.asp) need captcha! Bug: empty comment cause error, cannot close rs.
Another brand of AllScoop
F Movie Review 1.0 / Create your very own movie review site in just minutes... Another brand of AllScoop
F L Real Estate Management Software 1.0
Message board needs captcha! (www/post.asp) Changed database path at www\common\dbconn1.asp I've changed most (see change-and-todo-log.txt) but all the files must be checked for link paths.
Another brand of AllScoop
Among this family, I edited mostly this script (see change-and-todo-log.txt)
C Centralpoint by Oxcyon... Call for a demo: 440-891-6081 ...  
C Website Content Management by Gatesix Inc....  
F L MegaBBS ...  
F L Snitz v34_06  
Web Wiz Forums Free Express Edition Also has a NewsPad module, with a free version which is limited to 50 members.  
  wiki has a very nice comparision list.  
F L WikiAsp by Elrey Ronald V. and the current version is beta  
F L OpenWiki asp based (probably the only one), simple but quick  
F L OpenWikiNG link is dead...  
F L a class: Easy-ASP-Template ...  
MyL a function: setup-tests.asp  
PHP list
F L Flux CMS Developed by Liip AG. Asks for Apache modules, XSLT support etc.